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Day 1 – Mindset

3 Common Mental Traps That Lead to Self-Sabotage

As a thinking and action coach, Allegra knows a thing or two about how to help women get unstuck. (I can personally attest to her skills…she’s been my coach a couple times over the last four years.)

In this super powerful and actionable talk, Allegra shares the most common reason why women get stuck in cycles of negative thinking, and the counterintuitive – though quite simple – strategies for finding peace and calm amidst mental chaos.

Allegra Stein

Kickass Brain Tricks to Up Your Mental Game

She may look super vibrant today, but just a few short years ago, health coach Kristen Boehmer was fighting for her life. A chronic illness was slowly shutting her body down, and the dramatic surgery her doctors said would heal her had an unexpected outcome.

Kristen made some bold choices and began to develop a positive mindset that radically changed everything. In this interview, she reveals the five key tricks you must do to up your mental game.

Kristen Boehmer

Screw The Hustle: Unplug, Slow Down & Heal Your Body

Nutrition therapy practitioner and yogi Beth Manos Brickey always had low-key health issues, but nothing bad enough to convince her she was in need of healing. Then, she got a diagnosis out of the blue that changed everything. Beth went on a path to unplug, slow down, and heal her body.

In this powerful talk, Beth shares the mindset switch that helped her overcome low self-worth, shares how women can better take care of themselves, and tap into their authentic power.

Beth Manos Brickey

What Steps Can I Take to Stop Cravings, Bad Habits & Addictions?

Be honest: You probably have at least one bad habit that isn’t serving you at the moment, right? Mindset coach Mia Kakebeeke is here to help. She’s gone through her own journey, relying on habits and addictions to numb painful memories, coming out the other side.

Today, she’s teaching about the parts of a habit loop and she’s sharing how you can use mental conditioning / mindfulness training to stop running away from cravings.

Mia Kakebeeke

Day 2 – Movement

Movement Hacks to Melt Away Stress…Without Exercising

It’s not uncommon for women to suffer from low energy throughout the day, especially once 3 pm rolls around. In this actionable interview, movement expert Kate Galliett brings an innovative approach to using movement to recharge your batteries. Kate brings insight about the role stress plays in our energy-to-fatigue balance, and gives suggestions for movement that anyone – from beginner to experienced – can use. She’s even got a special video movement session prepared just for Summit listeners.

Kate Galliett

Why Sitting’s Making it Harder to Have Energy, Lose Weight & Feel Awesome

Fitness and bold moves have always been a part of former professional kayaker turned attorney turned health advocate Juliet Starrett’s life. In this very practical interview, Juliet’s explaining how sitting less can improve your life – how you look, feel, and perform – but you’ve got to take a stand to make it happen.

She’s bringing realistic, step-by-step ideas for incorporating more standing and movement into your day, whether it’s at home, school, or the office to banish aches and pains and skyrocket your energy.

Juliet Starrett

Tips for Building Strong Muscle in the Gym (Without Getting Bulky)

Certified strength and conditioning specialist Annie Miller knows her way around the gym, and she’s on a mission to make getting stronger and building muscle accessible to every woman.

Annie takes you through some of the biggest myths and misconceptions around muscle building for women, and highlights the things that really work when you want to transform your body. Her practical advice will give you the confidence to find the workout plan that will be a perfect match for your lifestyle.

Annie Miller

From Bikinis to Barbells: Why a Hot Body is the Least Interesting Thing About You

Record-holding powerlifter and strength coach Meg Gallagher has had her share of ups and downs on the rollercoaster of body image and self-confidence. A former collegiate athlete, Meg turned to a new pursuit that ended up having unintended consequences for her mind and body.

Then, Meg found barbells and everything changed. In this interview, Meg advises us about how women can feel less intimidated in the gym, how to get into lifting, and why the focus on a hot body isn’t everything.

Meg Gallagher

Day 3 – Nourishment

How to Eat Intuitively (Without Making Yourself Crazy)

It’s becoming more common for nutrition and fitness experts to say “listen to your body,” but what does that really mean? Nutrition therapy consultant, personal trainer, and home workout expert Noelle Tarr gives you a crash course in eating and moving more intuitively.

Walk away with valuable signs to look out for, and advice for tailoring your food and movement so you can reach your unique goals.

Noelle Tarr

Ditch Dieting Forever & Create the Perfect Nutrition Plan For You

Cassy Joy Garcia, nutrition consultant behind the popular website and podcast, Fed and Fit, believes that one-size-fits-all diets can be a gateway to approaching your best health, but that we as women have the power to define, long-term, what works best for them in a customized way.

In this talk, she’ll guide you through the main facets of creating your Perfect You Plan.

Cassy Joy Garcia

5 Powerful Ways to Detox Your Body Daily

Megan Blacksmith is about to blow the doors off everything you thought you knew about detoxification in the body. As a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, Megan specializes in helping women support their body’s natural detox processes.

In this super valuable interview, Megan separates fact versus fiction when it comes to detox. She walks us through the 3 detox phases, the organs involved, and simple but powerful ways to boost your ability to detox, naturally.

Megan Blacksmith

How Do I Eat for My Goals if I’m a Woman Who Works Out?

Laura Bruner is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant who believes that nourishment is more than just macronutrients. In this interview, Laura gets down to the nitty gritty about the common nutrition mistakes women unknowingly make when they’re active and working out on a regular basis.

She looks at the pros and cons of counting macros and gives tips for marrying food quantification with intuitive eating.

Laura Bruner

Day 4 – Women’s Health

What are the 4 Key Pillars For Your Healthiest Pregnancy?

Dr. Lindsey Mathews, founder of the BirthFit movement, believes that women deserve better care in the prenatal, delivery, and postpartum stages of birth. In this interview, Dr. Mathews shares how birthing in America has evolved to where it is today…

…and the four key pillars of a healthy pregnancy that can best support women in the unique, special, and demanding chapter of life that is motherhood.

Dr. Lindsey Mathews

“But, Mom!” How to Talk with Teen Girls About Everything from Disordered Eating to Cyberbullies

Talking to teen girls about uncomfortable issues can be a huge challenge for parents, coaches, teachers, and other concerned adults. Dr. Alessandra Wall is a clinical psychologist with many years spent counseling adolescents and their parents in addition to her life coaching practice.

In this session, Dr. Wall teaches us how to communicate with teen girls about body changes and health with empathy instead of lecturing so we can empower them as confident young women.

Dr. Alessandra Wall

Post-Birth Control Syndrome Dangers Your Doctor’s Not Warning You About

Jolene Brighten is a naturopathic doctor on a mission to help women heal themselves using a combination of innovative approaches. In this eye-opening session, Dr. Brighten reveals some startling statistics about hormonal birth control, including the hidden dangers of Post-Birth Control Syndrome.

She also details what women need to consider when they get off hormonal birth control and how to do it safely. Dr. Brighten is a huge advocate of informed consent, empowering each patient to make the best decision for her.

Dr. Jolene Brighten

Menopause: Learn to Nourish Your Transforming Body & Hormones So You Stay Slim, Sane, and Sexy

Menopause is an inevitability for us as women, but it doesn’t have to be met with dread.

In this empowering talk, Dr. Anna Cabeca – a classically trained OB/GYN who incorporates functional medicine into her practice – details the current challenges women in peri-menopause and menopause face with hormonal imbalance and inflammation; how that plays out in the body; and what to do to fix it so you can stay slim, sane, and sexy. This is a must-listen for every woman.

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Day 5 – Empowerment

What to Avoid if You Want to be Taken Seriously in the Workplace

What are some things for women to avoid if they want to be taken seriously in the workplace? As the founding editor-in-chief of Experience Life Magazine, Pilar Gerasimo knows a thing or two about having to fight to make her voice heard in the publishing world.

In this super inspirational session, Pilar shares her best advice for developing a solid foundation to help you stand in your power in the workplace, particularly if it’s in a male-dominated industry. She also gives her 3-part “core competencies” for going on your own  journey from societal conformist to healthy deviant.

Pilar Gerasimo

Confident, Not Perfect: Creating an Inner & Outer Space for Peace & Empowerment

Melodee Forbes is the founder of Confident, Not Perfect, a resource for women to embrace who they are, discover their innate beauty, and live more confidently. In this talk, Melodee tells us why environment has a huge impact on how we feel, plus how to create an outer and inner space for finding peace on a daily basis.

She also details some very powerful – though simple – self-care practices you can do every day to better nourish your mind, spirit, and body.

Melodee Forbes

Can You Love Your Body and Want to Work On It at the Same Time?

Jill Coleman is known around the world as a physique and metabolism specialist as well as a passionate business coach. In this talk, Jill peels back the mindset around physique changes – wanting to put on muscle and lose fat in key areas, and the difference when it comes from a place of fear or love.

Jill walks you through the dos and don’ts of lifting and nutrition for physique changes so you can make the most use of your limited time.

Jill Coleman

Tips For Busy Women to Avoid Adrenal Fatigue & Burnout

As a nutrition therapy practitioner and fitness coach, Emily Schromm works with many clients who are experiencing the signs and symptoms of adrenal dysfunction. In this actionable interview, Emily describes the shocking ways adrenal dysfunction and abnormal cortisol levels can show up in the body.

She gives strategies for combatting the stressors that can tax our adrenals, everything from what to eat to how to move, to important mindset shifts. If you have an especially busy or high-stress life, you need to tune in.

Emily Schromm

Day 6 – Tribe

How to Become a Confident Boss from Home to Boardroom

Danielle Natoni knows a thing or two about confidence. This former math teacher has worked her way to a top coaching and leadership position with a popular fitness company as well as spearheading her own brand, Fit and Funky.

In this talk, Danielle’s dishing on all the skills women need to hone to become their most confident, empowered selves so they can effectively lead their tribes, whether it’s in the boardroom, the classroom, or as household CEO.

Danielle Natoni

How April Crushed Her Goals from the Military to the World of Fitness: The Confidence Key

Fitness coach April Ghiroli is no stranger to putting herself in tough situations. She’s a US Army Veteran, has worked in the White House, and now finds her home in the often testosterone-driven world of fitness.

April shares key advice on how to find the confidence to accomplish what you really want in life, what really goes into fighting female stereotypes, how to take initiative to get sh!t done, and how the right community can help you reach new heights.

April Ghiroli

Why Feminism Isn’t a Dirty Word…and What It Really Means

As a writer, fitness coach, and social activist, Neghar Fonooni helps women peel back the layers of complexity surrounding body image and empowerment. In this candid interview, Neghar dives deep into the issues facing women in America today, shedding light on a new, modern form of feminism that’s inclusive to all.

She highlights how to help women feel more comfortable in their own bodies so they can begin the powerful work they’re called to do.

Neghar Fonooni

Don’t Go It Alone: How to Find a Tribe of Supportive Women That’ll Help You Accomplish Your Biggest Goals

Molly Galbraith is the creator and leader of the Girls Gone Strong movement. Her main mission is to help women of all backgrounds know they have a place in the world of fitness, whatever that looks like to them.

Molly’s walking you through how to find your tribe – both online and in-person – so you have the support you need to achieve your goals. She also details the ways women can start owning their own innate power so they can live big instead of playing small. 

Molly Galbraith

Day 7 – Closing Sessions

Jen Sinkler on Leadership, Connection & Flying Your Freak Flag

Fitness writer Jen Sinkler knows her way around a gym. And, she knows what it takes to build a strong, inclusive community of badass women. 

Hear Jen’s musings on self-care, women’s strength, and the wonderful messiness that is life. You’ll leave feeling motivated to cultivate more a more present state of being.

Jen Sinkler

How to Live a Life You Really (Really) Love

Steph Gaudreau, the creator and host of the 2017 Women’s Strength Summit, is sitting down with you to wrap up this most incredible event of the year, go over the big takeaways, and give you the first steps to putting all the powerful sessions into action.

If you’ve ever wondered how to live a life you really, really love – even when obstacles and roadblocks keep tripping you up – tune into this talk…there might even be a surprise or two!

Steph Gaudreau, Summit Host

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